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Industrial Safety

„SCCP Aside from the quality of our services, maintaining safety, health and environmental protection (HSE) makes up an important part of the social responsibility for our staff members. For this purpose, we have employed a series of standards that in many ways go above and beyond the legal requirements.

These aspects of safety, health and environmental protection are already beginning to be incorporated into the planning phases of operating cycles, in the establishment of our workstations and in the purchase of new work equipment, all in order to ensure maximum protection.

Prevention in industrial safety maintains health and reduces accident costs. For this reason, our employees are trained through education and exercises to always be safety-conscious in their behavior and to recognize as quickly as possible potential hazards and harmful exposures at workstations. This allows for appropriate corrective actions to be taken immediately.

Our wide range of efforts in improving the safety, health and environment situation has led to a considerable drop in the number of work-related accidents.

The success of these measures is regularly reviewed and confirmed through internal and external audits for our SCC(P):2011 certification.