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Mobile Machining Marine / Diesel Motor

Metalock Engineering Germany GmbH is especially known all over the world for on-site mechanical machining and, among other things, for motor overhaul. The reconditioning of motor components likewise includes crankshafts, pistons, valve rods, exhaust valves, valve seats and cylinder covers.

Mobile Machining

Since we have a large number of special transportable tools and appropriate machines at our disposal, we are able to implement all types of mechanical machining on location in accordance with the desired tolerances. The advantages of mobile machining include minimal disassembly and transport costs of large and heavy parts. This translates to a considerable time savings for you, thus reducing downtime and costs.

As you already know, completing repairs on production machines and other equipment is always time-critical. This being the case, our teams can be on duty up to 24 hours a day. All techniques, e.g. milling, turning, boring, optical device-guided boring alignment, grinding and honing can be executed on location with our equipment. Our devices are designed so that they can be used in the smallest of spaces.

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Crankshaft Repairs

When the bearing surface of a crankpin shows flaws, the surface is usually reconditioned through turning and grinding. To do so, the crankshaft can either be removed and machined on a stationary crankshaft grinding lathe, or processed inside the motor without being disassembled. Both options can be performed by our specialists.
For years, Metalock Engineering Germany GmbH has been carrying out these mobile processes with special machinery. Usually, the radii of the crankpins are taken as a reference for adjusting our machines. In case they are not centered to the central axis, Metalock Engineering Germany GmbH has developed a special machining method and the necessary devices to enable the processing of crankpins and main bearing journals such that they are restored in accordance with the manufacturer tolerances.

With this new method, the radii are first turned, then the journals. It is necessary, though, for the mobile device to be very precisely adjusted to the crankshaft using specialized electronic measuring instruments.

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