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Mechanical Machining in Industry

Production facilities are mostly so complex that the entire production can come to a standstill due to the failure of individual components. The disassembly and transport of the often very large components are especially associated with high time and cost expenditures. In order to ensure economically optimal production runs, maintenance and mechanical machining is performed on location by our competent expert personnel.

Through constant further and new developments of our transportable, conventional and CNC-driven processing machines, losses of production during maintenance or modernization of your production equipment are reduced. Based on our efficient logistics, we only need a brief preparation period at our site for extensive mechanical machining, so the work you request can be performed promptly and in an optimal amount of time.

You’ll profit from our longstanding and qualified experience in mechanical machining of production equipment, at your own facilities or at those of your customers!

Facing Work

Plane surfaces that are no longer flat and therefore cause leakages, e.g. at flanges or damages at live rings, are mechanically machined on-site with mobile turning devices. The requirements for the tolerances are restored in the process. *)

Examples of facing work

Boring Work

Bearing channels, bores, turbine housing, threads etc. are mechanically processed on location with transportable drills and turning devices in order to ensure the required tolerances. *)

Examples of boring work

Milling Work

Presses, roll housing, turbine housing, machine foundations etc. that are no longer in accordance with the technical requirements are mechanically processed on-site through mobile milling units. The tolerances demanded are thus restored. *)

Examples of milling work

Shaft and Journal Processing

Journals, crankpins, shafts etc. are turned and ground on location with mobile turning devices in order to restore the required tolerances. *)

Examples of shaft and journal machining

Grinding Work

Ball races on rotary kilns, paper or other cylinders etc. that no longer correspond to the geometrical prerequisites are turned and ground with our mobile grinding devices so that they again meet the requirements. *)

Sawing Work with Mobile Saws and Diamond Band Saws

The cutting of large cross sections is often very time-intensive. Metalock thus offers various saws for mechanical machining. The positive aspect lies in the fact that large cross sections are split while saving time and without the need for heat input. *)

Examples of sawing work

Surveying Work

It is often unclear as to whether damage to a machine has resulted from a geometrical fault. Metalock offers a variety of measuring devices that are employed before, during and after processing. Included in these, among others, are lasers and optical devices for measuring center lines and surfaces.

* You can use our extensive machining services for the solution of your technical problems. We look forward to speaking with you.(Contact form)